Freedom Schools Express

  • Freedom Schools Express is an after-school leadership development program for students in grades K-8. Based on the successful Children's Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools summer program, Freedom Schools Express focuses on the contributions of people of color and American Indians. Lessons provide a cultural perspective through social studies, history, art and much more.


  • Due to the rise in COVID-19 case numbers, SPPS has also decided to place EDL/ESS HERO Elementary program on hold until further notice.

  • Freedom Schools Express During Distance Learning!


    Extended Day Learning/Extended Student Support (EDL/ESS) Program: Freedom Schools Express HERO Elementary K-2

    The Freedom Schools Express HERO Elementary K-2 Extended Day Learning/Extended Student Support (EDL/ESS) Program will offer students in grades K-2 who meet ALC qualifications the opportunity to:

    • Improve academic and social emotional skills
    • Discover and explore new abilities and interests
    • Make friends and connect with caring adults
    • Be creative, active, healthy, and have fun


    This in-person FREE program runs 1-2 days per week for three hours per session at the Academic Support Center(s). Enrolled students will follow their school’s scheduled dates and times on the Extended Day for Learning (EDL)/Extended Student Support (ESS) 2020-21 Calendar. Please note this schedule may change should SPPS move from distance to in-person learning during the school day. 


    The program includes:

    • A snack
    • Bus transportation home for students who live more than half a mile from school 
    • Students who walk to and from school will receive assistance crossing busy intersections
    • Instruction by certified teachers and specialists


    Enrollment will be based upon staff availability and ability to offer programs while maintaining COVID-19 health guidelines.


    To enroll, complete the Freedom Schools Express HERO Elementary K-2 Extended Day Learning/Extended Student Support (EDL/ESS) Enrollment Form.


    Transportation information will be mailed at the end of October to students the program is able to serve. 

    Please contact Rev. Dr. Darcel Hill at and/or  651-387-0869 for more information.