Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Peter

Peter Avirom is an elusive figure often found scaling walls and leaping buildings in a single bound. When he’s not fighting for justice as a caped crusader or writing books for children, he can be found in his Montessori classroom at J.J. Hill for students in grades 1,2, and 3. 

As a child, he gained his talent for writing stories for children when a freak science experiment exploded nearby his comic book collection. Peter has been teaching children since 1996 and has never lost his joy for reading nor his enthusiasm for learning new things. He hopes both will be contagious. 

            When he’s not teaching, writing, or flying over Gotham City, he can be found buying too many children’s books at Red Balloon, guzzling coffee at Yellow Bird, or exploring the city by roller skates with his sidekicks: son, Isaac, wife, and their two insatiable cats. He also enjoys video games, board games, comic books, basketball, chess, improv, reading, basketball, and graphic novels.  

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