Elisabeth Kong

  • I have been teaching ELs for over a decade. Working with ELs has taught me a lot about students' love for their home language, culture, and identity while identifying their American identity. It is so much fun when students of different cultures and languages come together to experience and learn in a diverse environment. They have opportunities to build cultural perspectives and cross-cultural relationships in a safe learning environment. I have used both pull-out and co-teaching models to support ELs' progress towards English proficiency. Working with different grades (k-8) and teachers has built my understanding of how much academic language and skills change across grade levels. Using MN and WIDA standards ensures that ELs are receiving academic language, skills, and content knowledge to become successful learners.  

    More things about me: 

    I love to travel and explore. I have lived, taught, and explored in Thailand and South Korea. I have explored and hope to go back to do more exploring in Cambodia, Taiwan, and Japan. As of now, I would love to explore the unique state parks and national parks in the United States. What do you like to do? What do you want to explore more about? 

    I READ because it helps me discover new and interesting topics. I also READ because it allows me to experience different worlds, characters, and life stories. Why do you READ? 

    I love to eat! I like to try interesting and different food. Something that I enjoy eating was the deep fried tarantula in Cambodia. The legs taste the best. I didn't really like the fried silkworm larvae in South Korea. Maybe I just needed pepper. Something I ate here in Minnesota that I thought was interesting was the fried pig ears. It was really yummy! What do you like to eat? What would you like to try? 

    Thank you for getting to know me. I hope to get to know more about you and your family too! 


  • Please use my school's email to contact me. 

  • 2021 - 2022 

    • I have been teaching ELL since 2009.
    • I will be co-teaching with 3rd grade HDL.
    • This is my 1st year at Phalen Lake Elementary.