Audio Drama - Thursdays 3:00 Choir Room

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    What is Audiodrama Club? We are Audiodrama Club, and we are new to Highland this year. Our goal is to explore the medium of audiodrama, expanding interest in and engagement with this new art form. Audiodrama is a genre encompassing stories told solely through audio, using voice acting, sound effects, and music, and in modern settings is often found in podcast form.


    What does Audiodrama Club do? This club will be hosting discussions on various member-selected audiodrama shows that will be assigned for listening by the whole group. We are also going to be creating a short audiodrama of our own, so anyone interested in writing and scripting editing, voice acting, sound design, audio editing, or marketing is welcome to join us, or if there’s a story you’d like to tell, run it by us. You can attend whichever type of meeting (discussion or production) you prefer, or you can join us for both.


    When and where does the club meet? We meet every Thursday after school in Room 1329 (the choir room). We try to alternate between production meetings and book-club-style discussion meetings. 


    Questions? Contact:

    • Nancy Michael (Club Advisor):
    • Mathea Benson (President):
    • Maren Zimney (President):


    Audiodrama Recommendations Database

    Hey! Currently we’re working on creating a database of audiodramas we’ve listened to or that have been suggested by our members. It also has information about our upcoming meetings and events. You can view the database at this link. Be sure to click the “i” icon for instructions on how to navigate the database, and close the “Apps” section for a larger view.