Isaiah Ripley, Mr. Ripley

  • I dye my hair blue around twice a year!Hi, my name is Isaiah Ripley (He/Him/His) and I am super excited to be joining the Harding team as their new Chemistry/Physical Science teacher. I am a little biased towards Chemistry since I graduated from Augsburg University with a degree in Chemistry, but the nature of science and how students learn science is where my heart truly is. I believe that Chemistry, and science as a whole, is all around us and one of my main goals as a teacher is to help students see the world through a scientific lens. 

    I am an avid knitter in my free time, I play a few video games to pass the time, and I enjoy a hot bowl of pho. My partner tells me all the time that I am a pathological apologizer which is definitely counter-intuitive to my belief that failure is the best way to learn.

    Currently I am teaching general Chemistry labs at Augsburg University as well as finishing up my Master's Degree at Hamline University (to be expected around 2022-2023).

    For Students: Teaching for me is a partnership and I certainly do not know everything, so we will be learning together. All I want from you is to be open minded to science and know that I will try to manipulate what I teach you to work best for how you learn. Please let me know how you learn best!

    The best way to contact me is using my email but also feel free to text me.

Contact Information


  • I teach three classes of chemistry, and two class of physical science to 11th/12th graders and 9th graders, respectively.

    (Lunch C)

    Chemistry (Rm 1329): Periods 2, 4, 5

    Physical Science (Rm 1329): Periods 6, 7

    Prep Time: Period 3