Benjamin E. Mays E-Learning Days

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    Digital or E-Learning Days 2022-2023

    Mays Families,

    On days that are designated E-Learning Days, our school will follow the schedule below to provide your students with a structure of engagement for learning while at home. Please review the schedule below for information on your child's e-learning school day. If you have questions on these days, you can call the school at 651-325-2400 or log into the googlemeet code: BMays-Help to speak with a staff member.


    Virtual Classrooms & Google Meet Links and Schedule for Digital or E-Learning Days. 

    8am-9am Synchronous Morning Circle and Literacy Lesson

    9am-10am Asynchronous/ Independent Work in Math/Literacy

    10am-11am Synchronous Math Lesson and Closing Circle

    11am-12pm Asynchronous work (Seesaw/Schoology/IXL)

    Google Meet Codes are Below

    1. Go to this website -

    2. Enter your child's teachers code (found below)

    3. The teacher will be present at 8:00am and 1:00pm to provide directions and instructions for the day.

     (Google Meet Codes)