Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Waln

Jared Waln (he/him/his)
Music Specialist 
Jared began teaching at Four Seasons A+ Elementary School in 2021. He graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a BA in music in 2017, and will be graduating with a MA in music education this coming May 2022. Jared has made his uplifting presence known by teaching in elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary college education. Jared is known for being very passionate, inspiring, and positive while sharing his love for education.

Jared teaches because he loves to motivate, move, and help students find their inner creative voice. Music is a way to express something that can be found in each and everyone of us. We all have a light bulb that is waiting to go off in our heads to say, "I get it now!" Jared finds these very "ah ha" moments to be a drive and passion in his education. In the arts, academics do not diminish a student's ability to be creative and express themselves. As these values and academics are important in education, music gives students an opportunity to belong and have a voice in society. Diversity, community involvement, independence, and equal education are an absolute must in Jared's personal teaching philosophy. 

When Jared is not at Four Seasons A+ Elementary, he enjoys running, hitting the gym, spending time outside, going on hikes, finding new trails to run, and learning about new hobbies or skills. This Spring he will be attending an outdoor mushroom foraging class to learn how to find and gather edible mushrooms. 

Jared and his fiance live in St. Paul. They enjoy cooking together, going on walks, attending Orchestra Hall and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra concerts, having movie nights, traveling, and performing music together. They have two beautiful cats, a day gecko, four mourning geckos, three dart frogs, and a chameleon named Ralphie!

Outside of education, Jared is a 1st place competition classical guitarist and performs professionally with major symphonies locally and all over the states.