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Ms. Manthe

First Grade Reads!

Each day, we have an hour of Reading Workshop. The workshop begins with a short lesson to teach one concept, such as identifying the problem and solution, one to one word match, or how to figure out an unknown word. The children then read independently at their reading level while the teacher meets individually with children in a conference or with a small group with similar reading strengths and areas for growth.

This is followed by ‘partner reading.' Children read with a partner and talk about the book together. In the fall, children are talking about their favorite parts and later will practice comprehension strategies, such as identifying the theme or author’s message, naming story elements, comparing books, and asking questions about the book. The workshop ends with a teaching share. The teacher leads a discussion to cement the learning for that day.

In First grade, we need to teach children how to read, but we also need to teach them how to fall in love with reading. We need to teach them the skills and strategies that strong readers use, but we also need to teach them the reading habits that they will keep long after they leave our classrooms. These are our hopes and dreams for our students during their first grade year.

The St. Paul book mobile visits Linwood First Grade beginning Nov. 3rd.

First Graders will have the opportunity to check out books from the public library every other week beginning in November. Don’t forget to return the books!