iPad / Macbook Eligibility

Criteria for referendum-funded iPad eligibility

    1. The Technology Referendum prioritizes funding technology that directly supports PK-12 students and their learning.

    2. Departments and supervisors review the kind of technology a given staff job code and role requires.

    3. Referendum-funded iPads are allocated to staff based on job codes with duties that include:
      • Work with students PK through 12 in school settings, during regular school hours.
      • Using the device to support instruction.
      • Provide professional development and support for teachers in using technology.

    4. If a role requires technology that is not funded through the Technology Referendum, departments are responsible for funding that technology.

    See Job Codes and Staff Device Eligibility for the job code eligibility list.

The priority for Referendum funding of Macbooks is based on:

    1. Work directly with students that require access to instruction aligned to district standards while also addressing individual learning styles.

    2. Work with larger groups of students where their iPad use is facilitated by also having a MacBook.

    See Job Codes and Staff Device Eligibility for the job code eligibility list. If a job code is not listed, that position is not eligible.

    • Some positions may be eligible for Referendum-funded iPads and not laptops.
    • For Early Childhood positions, please check job codes and not just job titles.  Teachers of B-3 are not shown here as they are not eligible.
    • Employees whose positions are not funded in this Referendum should receive their devices from their Site or Department.