Lost, Damaged or Stolen iPad


  • The iPad Handbook states that when a student’s iPad is lost, stolen, or willfully damaged, the consequences include loss of the privilege to take an iPad home and additional instruction in appropriate iPad use. These consequences will be applied in cases of:

    • Broken screens caused by intentionally throwing or dropping the device; 
    • Swinging a bag or backpack with a device inside; stepping on the device; 
    • Intentionally spilling a liquid on the device; hitting another person or object with the device; 
    • Damage caused to a device that was not in the district-issued case; 
    • Tampering with the internal components of the iPad; 
    • Making unauthorized modifications to the operating system, known as hacking the device; 
    • Loss or damage to the Lightning-to-USB cable, 12W power adapter, and case.


  • Minnesota State Statute sections 123B.34 to 123B.39 regulate the fees public schools may charge students and families.  Based on the SPPS District Legal Department’s interpretation of these sections, sites may request, not require, families to pay for damaged or missing accessories or iPads.  Any funds collected are processed by the school clerk as a gift and deposited in the school’s general account. At this time, there are no fines for missing or damaged iPads.  These guidelines follow MN state statutes on the collection of fines and fees. 

    No fines can be required. Families may be requested to contribute to replacement costs listed below

    • Charger, $15
    • Cord, $15
    • Logitech Keyboard, $50
    • Full Logitech case, $99
    • STM case $35

    No fines can be required for an iPad due to leasing agreements from Apple and MN state statutes.


  • As a consequence for failure to return iPads and accessories, schools cannot deny access to diplomas or course credit.  They may limit participation in end of year activities such as:

    • School picnic
    • Field trip celebration


  • Schools have promoted and encouraged proper iPad care and stewardship through the following options and strategies. Please use the options below as a guide and inspiration as you customize solutions that will meet the needs of the students in your building.

    • Actively involve building principals, administration and PBIS teams when addressing lost/damaged/missing devices.
    • Create or modify a PBIS strategy the student must complete to regain privileges.
    • Limit or restrict iPad take - home permission.
    • Create “Check Out” policies in the Media Center or similar location to limit unsupervised access to devices.
    • Enable Restrictions or other management features.
    • Completion of “Common Sense Media” or other online modules promoting positive behavior and ethical use of digital devices.


    • When an iPad has been recorded as “Lost” or “Stolen” a secure management profile is installed rendering the iPad as useless for resale or personal use.
    • After an SPPS iPad has been “wiped”, the screen will display “Hello” and look like it is able to be sold or kept for personal use.
    • During the setup process, the SPPS management profile will be activated and ask for Active Directory credentials. iPad setup cannot continue unless active and valid credentials are provided.
    • If the iPad has been recorded as lost/stolen/damaged in Fuji/Destiny and valid Active Directory credentials are provided, the iPad will go into “Lost” mode and be rendered useless.
    • iPads are not able to be sold or repurposed for personal use.