Digital Citizenship for Educators and Students

  • Digital citizenship is an overarching concept that includes appropriate and responsible use of technology by staff and students. As members of 1:1 iPad learning environment, we all contribute to the security and data privacy of our community.  

    In compliance with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Saint Paul Public Schools provides students with lessons on digital citizenship, online safety and privacy, and appropriate online behavior. 

    The district also encourages teachers to revisit digital citizenship topics frequently with students during the school year. Staff complete training courses on Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, Copyright and more each fall. These guidelines are to be used as they curate digital resources and activities for students throughout the year. You can read more about Digital Citizenship on the Personalized Learning Website:

    Your email mentioned Youtube videos and auto-play algorithms. Youtube suggests videos based on a few factors, including the type of video that was just watched as well as your own viewing history. Unfortunately, there is not a current ability to disable the ‘suggested videos’ at the end of a video. This has been a common critique by educators worldwide of Youtube. Youtube is working on a ‘Kids’ version which would address some of the requests, but it may also lack the necessary content to provide to our students. Our Technology Services and Personalized Learning teams continue to pursue this topic, with the understanding that our existing wifi filtering and management controls protect our students from adult or undesirable content.

    Students and Families sign a Technology Use Agreement at the beginning of each year addressing Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety as well as iPad Use/Care. Your family will be asked to review the Technology Use Agreement during the iUpdate form at the start of school. You can preview information on the Technology Use agreement here: