Randolph Heights, ADS
  • Randolph Heights is an Apple Distinguished School

    In 2019, our school reflected on how quickly Apple Technology had transformed the learning environment in our 100-year-old historic building. We couldn’t have imagined how quickly and forcefully we would need to adapt again in 2020.

    Our preparation for becoming an Apple Distinguished School (ADS) allowed us to move seamlessly into the pandemic learning environment in ways that other schools were not prepared because we had tools for “How do we do this?”

    Rather than return to the “old way”, our school is unique in our desire to continue to build and grow beyond the pandemic. We are thrilled to be face-to-face again with our students to model and teach them to become facilitators in their own learning.

  • Samples of student work and teacher lessons.

  • Examples of interactive engagement during distance learning using the 1:1 iPad environment.

  • Student Reflection on a Project.