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    It's an honor and a delight to be the staff music teacher at Horace Mann School. After working as an artist-in-residence here last year, I'm looking forward to building on relationships and skills with all these wonderful young people. I'll be at Horace Mann on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, and Fridays; I'm at Randolph Heights Elementary on the other days. 

    My overarching goal is to help students enjoy and understand music by making it themselves, moving to it, learning about it, and sharing it. Classroom music should be a positive experience for students: it can require hard work and focus, but a sense of play is the underpinning. 

    In practice, that means we play instruments, explore different ways of moving to music, discuss a wide variety of composers and musical traditions, expand our music taste and vocabulary, and sing all kinds of fun songs. Students are also encouraged to consider how music makes them feel, and to use music for good in their own lives as a source of connection and personal well-being.

    Outside of school, you can often find me playing piano in other interesting places. I'm also a student: four years ago I started taking a weekly tap dance class with some teacher friends. Practice makes progress! 

    My own three children attended St Paul Public Schools, and I am proud to be part of such a positive, intentional, and caring school community. If you see me out and about in St. Paul, you're welcome to say hello anytime!

    Stephanie Bowron- stephanie.bowron@spps.org