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·Bachelor of Arts in English, Biology -- Luther College · Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) -- Hamline University · MN Teaching License: 5-12 Language & Communication Arts

Ms. Amy Corrigan

Hello!  My name is Ms. Amy Corrigan, and this year I will be teaching Writing Workshop in 6th-grade.  I am happy to be starting my 8th year (2020-2021) at Global Arts Plus-Upper and my 22nd year in education!

Here is a link to the Writer's Workshop syllabus. This year we will write to tell stories (narrative writing), inform or teach others (expository writing), and share our opinions (argument writing). We will explore our sense of self (identity), sense of purpose (truth), sense of power (voice), & sense of imagination (creativity). Stay up-to-date with grades, daily activities, homework assignments, and feedback through Schoology.

This photo was taken during the 2019 6th-grade artist residency with Minneapolis photographer Wing Young Huie.

For more information about the 6th-grade team of teachers, please take a look at this welcome letter and/or video. 

6th-grade Team Welcome Letter

6th-grade Team Welcome VIDEO

6th-grade OPEN HOUSE Slideshow


Feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions.  Let's have a great year together! :) Peace, Ms. Amy Corrigan



Quarter 2, 6th-grade writers are working on EXPOSITORY/INFORMATIONAL writing.  Take a look at a few of the info. books our 6th-graders have written.


  • End of Week 8

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 1/16/2021 11:15:00 AM
    Saturday, 1/16/21
    Hello families,
    Time has gotten away from me at the end of this week, so I’m sending this check-in a bit late.  We hope this note finds you and your family safe, warm, and well.
    Our 6th-grade students and teachers have just completed their 8th week of Q2.  There are two short weeks left of the quarter.  As a reminder, there is no school for staff or students on Monday, 1/18 in honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  Week 9, therefore, is Tuesday, 1/19 - Friday, 1/22.  The quarter ends on Thursday, 1/28.  Week 10, therefore, is Monday, 1/25 - Thursday, 1/28.  All quarter 2 work is due by Thursday, 1/28.  There is no school for students on Friday, 1/29 as teachers will be grading and in professional development meetings.
    There continues to be a lot of discussion about a return to in-person learning in SPPS.  You can find out the latest news and updates on the ever-evolving planning for 6th-grade (secondary) students at the district website: Additional communication will be coming from Global Arts Plus in coming days.
    What have GAP-U 6th-graders been working on recently?
    • In WRITING, students have started to think about the theme for upcoming research: Truth, Power, & Voice.
    • In SCIENCE, students have completed a summative task about density.
    • In MN STUDIES, 6th-graders have been discussing Karen immigration to MN. They used a choice board to reflect on “Beh Weh’s story."
    • In MATH with Mrs. Toivola, Playposit video lessons ask students to convert fractions to percentages.
    • In READING, students have thinking about how author’s perspective/point of view come through in their texts AND working on how to determine if a source is trustworthy.
    • In FOUNDATIONS, students have studied note-taking, finance, and gratitude. This week, we’ll be talking more about the connection between school subjects & careers and continuing lessons about time management.
    As you can see, 6th-graders have a lot of learning in the works! If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s work, well-being, or progress, please let us know.
    In peace & partnership, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young 🙂
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  • End of Week 7

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 1/8/2021 5:00:00 PM
    Friday, 1/8/21
    Hello families,
    It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve talked  We hope you had a chance to relax, reflect, and spend time with family over Winter Break!
    Global Arts Plus teachers, this week, have been talking about and processing the many layers of crises influencing our neighborhoods, city, state, and country. We are weary, but we are also committed to the community we work with and for. We know that each of you, too, is navigating these same concerns, events, and feelings.  And we invite you to reach out if there are ways that we can work together to support you and your 6th-grade students.
    There continues to be a lot of discussion about a return to in-person learning in SPPS.  You can find out the latest news and updates on the ever-evolving planning for secondary students at the district website:
    Middle school students at GAP-U are finishing their 7th week of 2nd quarter today.  We know that the weeks after Winter Break can be a struggle for students.  There are often assignments from December that still need to be finished and submitted, the return to schedules and schoolwork can be difficult, and the drag of continued distance learning is also taking its toll.  But we march onward toward the end of quarter 2: January 28.
    The 6th-grade team would like to encourage you to check-in with your 6th-graders about their work in Q2:
    - Are they caught-up on work in each class?
    - Are there assignments that need work?
    - Are they passing each of their classes?
    - Are they attending Google Meets (live classes) in the morning and/or small groups or help sessions in the afternoons?
    - Are they going to the 6th-grade help desk (1:30-2:30 on Google Meets, code: gap6help) when they are stuck?
    You can check your child’s work and progress by logging-in to Schoology.  Help with Schoology is available at:  Or, ask your child to pull-up their grades on Schoology (on their iPads) for you to see. If you have specific questions or concerns, please reach out.  We want to help students set priorities and complete work so that they can end quarter 2 feeling strong and proud!
    Happy 2021!  In peace & partnership, Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young
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  • End of Week 5 (MIDTERM!)

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 12/18/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Hello families!

    Today marks the end of the 5th week of Quarter 2. Plus, it was MIDTERM week.  If you log into Campus Portal, you should be able to see midterm grades posted for your 6th-grader.  As you may know, these grades are a “snapshot in time.”  That is, current grades should provide a picture of how 6th-graders are engaging and completing work so far this quarter.  But, grades are changing and dynamic until the end of the quarter (Th., 1/28/21).

    This week there has also been a lot of talk, this week, about a return to in-person school.  At this time, announced changes are for students in PreK-2, and 3-5 only.  Secondary students and schools (grades 6-12) will still be in distance learning for the foreseeable future. For more information about this, please visit the district website:

    As a reminder, Winter Break begins next week on Wednesday, December 23.  Classes will resume on Monday, January 4.  While Winter Break will look different for many of us this year, I wish you all time and space to play, relax, reflect, and spend time together. Seamus Heaney — one of my favorite poets — wrote: “If we can winter this out / we can summer anywhere.”  

    Peace to you and your families in the new year!  

    Amy Corrigan & Gracie Young

    Seamus Heaney

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  • End of Week 4

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 12/11/2020

    It is the end of week 4.  That means that next week is Q2 MIDTERM already, and we are 3/8 done with the school year.  Yikes!

    6th-grade teachers would like to ask you, kindly, to remind your 6th-graders to attend our live, Google Meet classes as much as is possible.  Most Meets happen in the morning between 9:30-12:00, but there are often work sessions, small groups, and help desk Meets during afternoon hours. The temptation to play a game or watch a video on YouTube is real, but class Meets exist to launch kids into their learning and work.   If kids miss their Meets, there are lessons/folders/tasks they'll need to access in Schoology. This will help them stay on top of work and learning! As a reminder, students and families can view their grades using the Schoology website:
    Additionally, here are some questions to ask your 6th-grader about their work and progress in classes:
    • Have you completed your PARTICLE PROJECT in Science? How did it go?
    • Have you finished the rough draft of your INFORMATION BOOK in Writing? Are you prepared to finish your FINAL DRAFT for next Friday?
    • Are you keeping up with your PlayPosit videos for Math? What are you learning right now in Math?
    • What kinds of choices are you making on your CHOICE BOARDS for MN Studies?
    • What kinds of NONFICTION BOOKS are you reading for Reading Workshop? What topics are your reading about?
    As you may have seen in the GAP-Upper newsletter sent last week (from Assistant Principal Hendrix), the December PTA meeting has been moved to Monday, 12/14. If you would like to attend, please email your request to They will send you Zoom link information so you can join the meeting!
    Finally, as reminder, school is in session through Tuesday, 12/22.  Then, we will take a winter break from Wed. 12/23 - Sun. 1/3/21.  School resumes on Monday, 1/4/21.
    Thanks again for your continued support and communication.  Have a great weekend!       In peace, Ms. Amy Corrigan
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  • End of Week 3

    Posted by Amy Corrigan on 12/4/2020
    Hello 6th-grade families!
    The daylight hours continue to shorten, and the COVID-19 cases continue to rise.  I hope that this short note finds you and your families safe and well! This week, I'd like to share links to information that might be helpful/useful to you.
    1) Our district and school continue to plan and adjust plans for hybrid learning based on current virus trends and our school calendar.  You can find ever-evolving answers and information at:
    2) The next Global Arts Plus PTA meeting is Monday, 12/7 at 7:00pm.  To register and receive the Zoom link information, please email your request to
    3) Another GREAT way to stay connected with GAP-Upper is by reading the Family Newsletter published by our Assistant Principal Sharon Hendrix.  Here are the links:
    4) Quarter 1 REPORT CARDS are now available in Campus Parent or Campus Student.  For instructions on how to access Report Cards, please visit:  From there, scroll to the "VIDEO: Viewing Your Students Report Card." Note: Global Arts Plus will not be mailing paper report cards home.
    Well, week 3 of Q2 has just ended, and Q2 Midterm is just around the corner.  Then, we will have winter break from Wednesday, 12/23/20 - Sunday, 1/3/21.  As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.  We are stronger together!
    In peace, Ms. Amy Corrigan
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