Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Biology M.Ed in Science Education

Emily Sederstrom


My name is Emily Sederstrom, and I teach 7th grade life science. Science is really fun, and I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with you! We will learn about living things, both tiny and large. One of my favorite middle school memories was using microscopes to look at the little creatures that live in pond water; I'm excited for you to do the same!

I prefer they/them pronouns, so you can just call me "Sederstrom" without the 'Ms." 

I enjoy...
- Nature (hiking, camping, hammocking, agate hunting, seeing cool organisms, fishing)
- Art (acrylic painting, ceramics, making models, glitter)
- Thrifting/Antiquing (I love finding unique decorations and clothes)
- Music (I play flute, love listening to most indie music and folk punk, and do karaoke!)
- Cats (I have a black cat named Puck who is basically a panther!)

- Museums (art, science, history... all museums are cool!)
- Games (cards, cribbage, scrabble, yahtzee, Mario Kart, Zelda)
- Puns (Did you know that bacteria is bad at math because they multiply by dividing?)
- Rollercoasters (I had a season pass to Valleyfair!)
- Advocacy (mental health, disability, LGBTQ+, etc.)

If you have questions, please email me or talk to me in person.