Ms. Dawn Peterson

Phone: 651-325-2500


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Dawn Peterson

I am the elementary reading specialist. I supervise two fabulous teacher assitants, Linda Pope and Anna Hamer. I coteach with teachers and work with small groups of students to help children at Capitol Hill master the standards of reading at their grade level. My schedule varies a lot. The best way to reach me is by email. I can also be reached by leaving a message at 651-325-2500.

I have attached a few of the power points that students use as they read books with Ms. Pope and Ms. Hamer in their small groups. I placed these attachments on my website so that other teachers can have easy access to them for their book clubs, but parents are also free to look through them and use them to talk with children about what they have been reading with us.  If your children work with Ms. Hamer, Ms. Pope, or myself, encourage them to tell you about the books they have been reading. Click the "more" button see all of the power points available.

The "Learn Over 50 Latin and Greek Roots" link gives directions for how to access 12 online games I have created to help teach students a variety of Latin and Greek roots. Directions for how to access this free online site are found under this link. Enjoy! I welcome any feedback as to how to improve upon them.