Site Council

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  • Site Council Mission Statement
    Site Council offers an opportunity to enhance education for all children at St. Anthony Park Elementary School by strengthening our sense of community.

    A small and representative group of staff, parents and community members come together once a month to work on continuous improvement of the relationship between home, school and community. We are a listening and discussion board that shares input and participates in decision-making for SAP that is not focused on fundraising. We examine the school's SCIP, School Continuous Improvement Plan, and suggest any necessary changes. We contribute input on budget decisions and the best way to share them with the larger community.

    Visitors are welcome to sit in on the meetings. Site Council meets the second Tuesday of each month, from 5 to 6:00 p.m. If you would like to propose an agenda item, please contact Principal Johnson 24 hours ahead of time.

    Principal Ann Johnson:


    Why Should You Join Site Council?

    Most people at SAP haven’t heard about Site Council.  They don’t know what it does or why it’s important.  If they’ve heard of it at all, they might assume that it is similar to SAPSA.  However, it is a stand-alone committee with an important purpose and is very rewarding to join.

    Site Council is a collaboration between parents, teachers, and administration.  Its purpose is to be a sounding board for Principal Johnson, and to inform her about what parents and families are thinking about issues.  It is a place where you can voice your opinion and be heard, and have a real effect on some of the larger school-wide decisions.   Some of our discussions this year included racial disparity and the achievement gap, opportunities for gifted and talented students at SAP, values of the families we serve, school budget priorities, and big dreaming about the school facility’s greatest needs and wants.

    Site Council is a small and worthwhile commitment – it meets the second Tuesday of each month for one hour. If you have thoughtful opinions and appreciate good communication and being in-the-know, I highly recommend checking it out.  You can contact Ann Johnson with any questions.



    Spring Survey Results

    In the spring of 2017, Site Council sent an all school email to families, hoping to identify common positives and priorities within our school community.  The results would be used to both inform Site Council and Principal Johnson of what we are doing well and what we could improve upon, particularly as we set our budget.

    Survey Results

    Budget FAQs

    The budget can be confusing, so here are some questions that are often asked, and some answers. We hope to be transparent and open during the budgeting process.

    Budget FAQs



2016-17 Site Council Members

  • Brandon Alkire (Parent)

    Angela Anderson (Parent)

    Hilary Brasel (Parent)

    Kelsey Dressley (Discovery Club)

    Chris Funk (Teacher)

    Ann Johnson (Principal)

    Andrea Kisch (Parent)

    Ruth Krider (Teacher Co-Chair)

    Andrew McNattin (Parent, SAPSA Vice-President)

    Christine Melko (Parent)

    Courtney Moriarty (Langford Recreation Center)

    Lauren Renner (Parent)

    Michelle Riehle (Parent Co-Chair)

    Angie Pierach (Parent, SAPSA Co-President)

    Anita Severt (Parent, SAPSA Co-President)