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  • Your 3rd Grade Team
    Your 3rd Grade Team


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    Happy November 3rd Grade Families!

    November has been full of fun and learning! We had our "Talking Suitcase" Compas Artist in Residence with Susan Armington. This was an awesome activity to tell our stories using a creative venue. It was a perfect compliment to our Memoir Unit and we will be sharing these with our families during conference time.

    We also have enjoyed the opportunity to do a book review including some cool technology responses in each classroom. Our next Literacy and Social Studies integrated unit will be a Shared Research Project on Ancient Civilizations. We are also now getting into our first round of Word Masters Analogies and working on understanding how analogies work and using a dictionary and theasaurus to learn about words and their relationships to each other.

    In math we have completed our first touch on Mulitiplication and Division and we are on to Place Value. We will continue to practice our skills with story problems and facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division during Math Review, Xtra Math and in future units like Algebra.

    All of the 3rd graders enjoyed a gorgeous Fall trip to Belwin nature center to learn about animals and plants. We also enjoyed a beautiful concert by Music in the Park as well. On November 17th, we will be taking our whole grade to the Children's Theater to see "Cinderella." This will enable us to expand our Genre study and compare and contrast some folk tales and fairy tales as well.

    FALL CONFERENCES: Please remember to attend you child's fall conference Wed. Nov. 16 Evening, Thu. Nov. 16 Evening or Fri. Nov. 18th during the day. There will be no school for students on Fri. Nov. 18 due to conferences.

    From November 8-December 9, we will also be doing OLPA reading and math testing. This is a practice test for the MCA's and gives teachers and families some helpful data on students' areas of stregnth and need both for these academic areas and test taking strategies as well.

    There will be no school on Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    Thank you for all your support on the home front and enjoy the lovely autumn weather!


    Peace and Love,

    Ms. Weisman, Ms. Phillips and Mr. Funk

    Your Third Grade Team

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