Dear 4th Graders,

    Mrs. Tennison, Mrs. Pratt and I hope you received your bag of materials today. We plan to contact you all on Schoology this week. We sent the directions for you in the blue packet that was attached to your bag. Please try to log on today or tomorrow. The "Materials" section will show current assignments and the "Updates" section is where you can see messages from your teacher and classmates. Let us know if you need help via email: rebecca.tennison@spps.org, jessica.pratt@spps.org, nancy.hausman@spps.org

    We also sent you your poetry envelope and ideas for new poems that will help you finish up. We still plan to send them in for publishing and will get you the information about that later. We sent the order form for your family to sign for more orders or even if they don't want extra copies. Remember, we talked about that system.

    Please email us with any questions.

    Talk soon,

    Pratt - Tennison - Hausman