• Are you Ready for nnn  Fun

     Note to Parents

    We went out to Stencil the Storm Drains today! Ask your child to share some facts they learned.


    You are invited to “The Fourth Grade Revue” on Wednesday, June 5 at 8:45. You will begin in your child’s classroom  for a Portfolio Review and then, immediately following, to the lunchroom to watch our performance. Plan to attend this fun reflection of the year!

    Memorial Day Assembly:

    Each year, St. Anthony Park honors veterans at a special program. We will celebrate their service to our country on Friday, May 24 at 9:15 am in the gym. During the program, which lasts less than an hour, students will watch a program, we’ll sing patriotic songs, and veterans in attendance will get to introduce themselves. If you have a family member or friend who has served in the military or is currently serving, please consider inviting them to our program. Veterans will have a chance to stand, share their name, branch of the military, years of service, and the name of the SAP student or staff member who invited them.

    Have a great week!

    Upcoming dates:

    • Storm Drain Stenciling on May 20
    • 4th Grade Revue - June 5 from 8:35-10:00



    • National Parks - individual or partner research
    • Amaze Books and conversations about Taking Action


    • Introducing rates
    • Solving Rate Problems
    • Converting Between Rates
    • Comparison Shopping

    Social Studies

    We are near the end of year and will be taking the final states and capitals test of the whole country soon. Make sure you are studying!