Note to Parents

    Conference are coming up! If you haven’t returned your Conference Request Slip please do. Jane has begun to schedule conferences.

    This Thursday we will have our October Birthday celebration. The students can wear pajamas and bring a blanket or pillow and a flashlight to school. We will have a reading party in the dark with our flashlights.

    This party is also a chance for all students to catch up with any late work from the month.


    Have a great week!

    Upcoming Events:

    • Public Library Visit - November 4 Pratt and November 5 Hausman and Pratt
    • Art Institute Tour - Wednesday, November 6


    Reading: making inferences, features of mysteries 

    Writing: Realistic Fiction Stories: revision, iMovie introduction, story illustrations



    • Data Pre Test
    • Full and Half Circle Protractors
    • Continental Math
    • Triangle Post Test

    Social Studies

    • Map Skills: The Northeast: tour sites in the northeast, types of government discussion
    • aaa