September 16 - 20

    Note to Parents

    We went to the school library last week to check out realistic fiction books for the “iPad Project”. Please ask your child which book they are reading:) We will be working on this project at school and will send it home later this month for students to finish.

    Your child has math and spelling homework this week. Both are due on Friday.

    We sent a month’s worth of spelling words home altogether. Please find a safe place to keep it so that your child will have it each week to complete their work.

    Watch the weather for our Belwin days and have your child dressed appropriately for being outside all day!

    See you on Thursday for SAP’s Curriculum Night!

    Upcoming Events:

    • Belwin Nature Center

    September 16 - Tennison 

    September 17 - Hausman and Pratt

    • SAP Curriculum Night

    Sept. 19, 5:30-7:00


    Reading: iPad Project practice - setting, characters and summaries

    Writing: we will write about a special person, place and event this week



    • Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction
    • Place Value With Whole Numbers
    • Strategies for Solving Word Problems

    Social Studies

    Labeling the states and capitals of the United Statesmmm