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    Note to Parents

    Happy December! It is a short month as winter break is fast approaching. Before the new year we still have lots of learning to do in fourth grade. 

    It is another full week of school, so the kids will have a homework packet and Spelling work again this week. It is all due on Friday.

    This past week, the student teachers did a science unit in our classrooms. The unit started with a study of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Then the students worked in groups and collaborated to build the tallest tower they could.

    They were only allowed to use a certain number of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and paper clips. The students did a great job and showed lots of determination as the task wasn’t easy. Ask your student how building their tower went!

    Upcoming Dates and Events:

    Monday, December 18 - Family Tree Presentation - information on the back of this newsletter 

    Dec. 25 - Jan 5 Winter Break


    Reader’s Workshop: Poetry

    Read Aloud: Poetry 

    • Line breaks and white space, imagery, rhythm, repetition

    Writer’s Workshop:

    • Beginning the topic of persuasive writing

    • Starting to craft their own persuasive pieces


    • Module 7: Introducing long division

    • 7.2 Using place value to divide

    • 7.3 Divide by 1-digit numbers 

    • 7.4 Solving multistep problems with division and multiplication

    Social Studies

    The Northeast:

    • Train tour of the Northeast - Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

    • Geo Challenge for the Northeast 

    • Northeast state and capital quiz on Dec. 11th!