Ms. Weisman

Ms. Weisman
  • My name is Marcia Woods-Weisman (Ms. Weisman) and this will be my 12th year at St. Anthony Park Elementary.  I have been a teacher for 28 years with almost half of that being in St. Paul. I've also taught in Minneapolis,  Madison, WI and the suburbs of Chicago. I have been a classroom teacher, a Reading Teacher, a Gifted and Talented teacher, an Enrichment Social Studies/Literacy/Science teacher, a High School Summer School teacher and more! I have worked with a wide range of students at all ability levels and from many different backgrounds and cultures. Third grade is my favorite and the grade I've taught the longest.

    There are 3 people and more than 13 animals in my family. My wife (Dylan) and I are both teachers and we have an almost 17 year old son, Joseph, who is an 11th grader at Washburn High School in Minneapolis (where Dylan is an ESL teacher). We have a dog named Webster, 2 cats - CC (Cool Cat), and Oakey Bob and too many fish to count! We love music, sports, reading, movies and having adventures, large and small! 

    This summer, I taught summer school at Humboldt with 5th - 11th Graders in the Sports and Leadership program. I got to teach math and see a little of where you all are going to go in the future! I had fun meeting new kids, and I even saw a few students from Murrey who I had taught when they were your age!

    My family had a busy summer with lots of bowling tournaments all over for my son Joseph. We traveled to Ohio, Michigan, and many places in Minnesota. We also had a couple of short trips to Wisconsin to go to our family’s lake (Cranehaven -yes there are cranes there)! We also enjoyed some “in town” fun, including lots of long dog walks by Minnehaha Creek, some swimming, going out to eat and hanging out with friends! Also, our garden is doing great, so don’t be surprised if you see me eating lots of cherry tomatoes! I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your summer adventures as well.

    I am very excited for this upcoming school year! I am also the site coordinator of our 2-5th grade afterschool EDL program, so I enjoy having a chance to get to know lots of SAP kids through that program as well! I love being a part of this community and I look forward to another great school year!

    Please feel free to contact me to find out more, tell me about your child and hear about all the great things we will be doing this year! Keep your eyes open for lots of information on our class website as the school year progresses!


    Peace and Love,

    Ms. Weisman

    Marcia Woods-Weisman (Ms. Weisman)

    3rd Grade

    St. Anthony Park Elementary School

    2180 Knapp St.

    St. Paul, Minnesota 55108


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