Ms. Wright

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Ms. Wright

Hello! Welcome to Visual Arts! My name is Elisabeth “Betsy” Wright, and I teach K-3 Visual Arts at the Linwood Campus. The kids call me Ms. Wright. 

My goals are to teach children to develop art-making skills, learn to think, make connections, and to be lifelong learners.

First-third grade students have art five days in a row to develop depth in understanding, concentration, ownership in learning, and skills.

Kindergarten students have a two day arts rotation. We have group to begin each art class, which may incorporate stories, art lessons and demonstrations, and looking at and talking about art.

All students at Linwood will learn/review the Elements of Design, and learn/review techniques in a variety of techniques, styles, and mediums.

All Linwood students will learn about art and cultures from around the world and from different points in history. All students at Linwood will work on all K-3 Minnesota art standards, which include artistic foundations, process, perform/present, and respond/critique.

I trust students to learn. My student artists gain knowledge, technical and critical thinking skills, motivation, and independence in my classroom. I will give students a strong foundation in the arts while giving them freedom to explore and create in their own way. We reflect on, analyze, and critique our artful experiences, artworks, and art from cultures around the world and from different historical periods using the Critical Response Protocol and by creating artworks in a variety of mediums. Students are learning to observe and develop critical thinking skills, and it is common to hear students say, “I notice...”  which is the first step in our analysis protocol.

The art classroom is a place for learning in and through the arts. Each lesson we do incorporates or ties into other content areas including literature, math, writing, social studies, science, and geography.  Some work specifically aligns with classroom content and standards, such as counting and making patterns with kindergarten students, using “community” as a theme with first grade students, making Aboriginal influenced art with second grade, and third grade students writing poetry along with some of their art. 

I make many kinds of art and am very process-oriented. Lately, I have been making masks, sketching, and doing some digital photography. In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time with my husband, Francis, and my sweet black lab mix, Jack.