Live Healthy, Be Healthy

Health Apple
  • Have you ever wondered why we get sick? What drugs do to our body? What you should do if someone is choking? Do you want to know how to live healthier and happier? Why not learn from the expert Health Teacher at Washington!!

    Health is a class that is required one year for seventh grade and one semester for high school students here at Washington Technology Magnet. In addition, we believe in living healthy and being healthy. With this in mind, we have a variety of engaging topics that are aligned with the National Health Standards. The topics include Decision Making, Diseases, First Aid and Safety, Drug Use and Abuse, Human Sexuality and Nutrition. Throughout the class, students will learn about making healthy decisions for themselves and their families.



    Letters for Healthy Relationship and Human Reproduciton

    English Version

    Hmong Version

    Karen Version

    Somali Version

    Spanish Version