Assistant Principal

  • Hello!  I'm so excited to be working at Crossroads.  Year Round education has been a passion of mine since 2001 when I began teaching. 

    A little about me, I started my career at Crosswinds Arts & Science School, and look forward to bringing the inquiry based experiences that I gained there, to the curious students and teachers here at Crossroads. 

    In my free time I like to do yoga, read and go for hikes and walks.  My family and I live in West Saint Paul.  My husband and I have two middle school boys and a cat, named Murphy. 

    Murphy has his own Instagram page, and if you are into cats on the Internet, you should check it out:  he_is_murphy_the_cat.  If you are more into using the Internet for educational inspiration, follow me on Twitter:  @leahbourg.  And, if you aren't into the Internet at all...stop in my office where you will find a wide variety of art work created by my family as well as the largest ball of tin foil in Minnesota. 

    I look forward to inspiring each student to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world.  

    Leah Bourg

    photo credit:  Shelly Campbell Studios

Contact Information

  • Assistant Principal

    Leah Bourg
    Phone: 651-744-3747
    Twitter: @leahbourg