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  • Let's Explore the Earth together - the matter, energy and structure of it !  OUR UNITS:

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    Unit 1: The structure of matter          Unit 2:  Physical & Chemical Changes           Unit 3: Minerals                         Unit 4: Rocks & the Rock Cycle       Unit 5:  Landforms of the Earth  Unit 6:  Earth Moon & Sun   Unit 7: Planets and Universe  Unit 8: Weather & Climate

    and physical properties of matter

     self portrait

    I’m Angela Peterson.    

    I chose to become a teacher in 1996 after I was working doing data analysis for an environmental lab and working as an evening supervisor for a project at the University of MN.

    After, while working as a customer service coordinator for a veterinarian and volunteering as a naturalist working with girl and boy scouts on the weekends, I decided I loved my time volunteering

    with kids most.  I applied to the University of MN program and become a secondary science teacher.  It is hard to believe that was over 20 years ago.

    I have worked as a General Science, Earth Science, and Life Science teacher in my first 11 years; I also taught single gender classes and ELL Science classes and co taught during my first 11 years as a teacher.  

    Since working at Washington, I started out as a Life science teacher and for 5 years worked as a 9th grade physical science in high school, and now am teaching my 3rd year in Earth Science on Team 8B here at Washington.

    Earth Science Resources

    Currently we are studying Unit 1 Earth Science; Resources that may be helpful for this unit are:  

     me with fishing kids          

    Syllabus is below and please email me with any questions at or call me at 651-293-8830.

     ES Syllabus 19-20

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