Mr. Hobday's 7th Grade Life Science

  • Welcome to our Life Science page! If you're looking for copies of things you might be missing, vocabulary, or power points you'd like to review, go to Schoology. But first, let's talk about Life Science and ME!

    !I'm excited to be at Washington and teaching 7th grade again. I especially like the school's schedule that makes it easier to be sure that every student gets what they need. I've taught in many different places, from Chicago to St. Paul. This seems like the best set up so far!



    we are all connected
    we are all connected

         Science is an extremely valuable class, especially with today's ever increasing population and technology. We need to have enough knowledge and understanding of our inter-relatedness to help in making wise decisions that affect our world community. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED...

         My wife and I speak Spanish and I've spent time volunteering in Guatemala and then Honduras. We love traveling and hope we can help the world be a better place.

    Hobdays in Glacier National Park, Montana

       I am the proud father of 4 and now have a dog as well. Lots of my time is spent with my kids, and maybe they'll be more help for the world than I've been. MAYBE YOU WILL BE. It's my hope that as a teacher, I can encourage you to value the world and your place and importance in it. And hopefully we can have some fun. Please feel free to email me at or call me with questions (you have my home number in your notebook).

    Peace, Mr. H