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  • Intermediate Algebra

    I teach Intermediate Algebra periods 2, 3, 8, and 9. This class covers all the content in the 2nd half of the Red Holt Algebra textbook with some additional skills included to fit the Minnesota State standards.

    Intermediate Algebra Support (Math Lab)

    I teach Intermedaite Algebra Support (Math Lab) during period 5 and 10. Although the class is listed Intermediate Algebra Support in Campus and Schoology, we call this class Math Lab in 9th grade at Washington. The function of this class is to support student learning by reinforcing existing skills that will be necessary for success as they move forward in math. Although students are given some time for homework, we spend most of our time working on topics like fractions, equations, exponents, and radicals, that will be used in all their high school math classes and beyond.

  • Welcome to my website! I'm Mr. Easty. I teach 9th grade Intermediate Algebra here at Washington Technology Magnet School. This will be my fourth year working here at Washington. In my time here I have had an opportunity to work with the girls volleyball team, the boys baseball team, the high school math team, and the WEB leaders. Right now, I'm the coach of the Junior Varsity girls volleyball team, the head coach of the math team, and one of the WEB coordinators. I am so lucky to work with so many wonderful students!

    The best way to contact me is by email or message me on Schoology! My email is