Specialist Classes Offered at Crossroads

  • Engineering:  At Crossroads Elementary School, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or (STEM) is an integral part of the student experience. Our STEM program starts with Engineering and/or Science and integrates Technology and Math.  An engineering problem or challenge determines the scientific content needed to design solutions. Scientific understanding and processes inform engineering as students design a solution to a problem or challenge. Digital Technology and Math support the engineering and science through prototyping, modeling and communicating engineering design solutions and scientific understandings.  

    Technology:  We are living in the 21st century digital world and technology has transformed the way we live and communicate. It is important for all students to understand and navigate the digital tools effectively while staying safe online and becoming good digital citizens. In technology class, we mostly use iPads. There will also be days when students get to use desktop computers in the computer lab. Our lessons follow the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards for technology in education. Our great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program will mainly focus on coding in technology.

    Art:  Art is a form of experiential communication. Art can be physical, visual, audio and emotional in how it is experienced and understood. I feel that, at the elementary level, students are introduced to new materials and techniques, implementation of the Elements and Principles of Art, skill development, and learning new ways to communicate.

    Physical Education: Crossroads Elementary students are provided with a wide variety of fundamental sports skills and cool games.  From a beautiful and spacious gymnasium to a campus that includes a huge outdoor field.  Positive self-esteem, social engagement and empathy for others are woven throughout every lesson with every class.