Como Fifth Grade

A student uses a Smart Boards during a math lesson.
  • Our Teachers:

    Ms. Dudeck

    Mrs. Halvorson
    Mrs. Uher
    Ms. Gustafson - ELL

    Homework Routine

    Students are provided with a homework planner at the beginning of the year.

    Students are expected to read 30 pages or 30 minutes or more daily, at their own reading level. The amount of time and pages is determined by the teacher and verified with the student. They are expected to achieve a minimum of 2 AR points a week. In February we expect 3 AR points a week.

    Daily written work includes math practice from Everyday Math and supplimental materials. Weekly assignments in Accelerated Math or other individualized math practice. The return of a signed "Friday Note" is considered part of homework.

    Parent / Teacher Communication
    Parent / Teacher communication is crucial to student success in fifth grade. Watch for "Friday Notes" (weekly half page reports which are signed by parents and returned.) 5th grade newsletter that goes out bi-weekly.

Como 2011 Big River Journey Art Contest Winners
STARBASE with Ms. Vang
Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls
  • Belwin Nature Center is the site of an annual field trip for environmental science learning. Students participate in classes like cross-country skiing, digital photography, and winter survival. This field trip can be in the fall, winter, or spring.


  • Fifth grade participates in an annual field trip to the "Mighty Mississippi" to learn the science and history of our great river.


    Cherokee Song --  5th graders will be singing this song for Family Heritage Night on Dec. 12.

Fifth Grade Expectations

  • Reading:

    Students participate in leveled guided reading small groups.

    Students work towards proficiency on Common Core Reading Standards.

    Students read 75 AR points or more.

    Students receive additional reading support or challenge as needed.


    Students work towards proficiency on Minnesota State Math Standards.

    Students participate in a multifacited, balanced math program.

    Students receive additional help and challenge, as needed.


    Students participate in daily Writers' Workshop.

    Student work toward proficiency on Common Core Language Standards.

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