Obama's Attendance Policy

  • Scholars attending Obama Service Learning School are expected to be in school. Coming to school is the single most important first step that you can take to be a good scholar.  Please download and read through the policy and let us know where we can help your child.

    Excused Absences (when phoned in):

    • Sickness
    • Doctor’s visit including mental health
    • Religious holiday
    • Extreme family emergency

    Examples of Invalid Excuses:

    • Staying home to baby-sit or care for adult
    • Work/rest because of work
    • Travel
    • Needed at home
    • Cold Weather
    • Missed the bus
    • Child is not immunized  

    If you have been absent and you think that your absence will not be excused please contact Nancy Glasgow. 

    Click below to download a copy of Obama's attendance policy.