Principal's Corner

Sarah Lightner, Principal


    I am so grateful to be the principal of Groveland Park Elementary School. My husband and I were Groveland parents for ten years. We have three kids: two at Ramsey Middle School and one at Central Senior High School.

    I once heard a quote by educator Sharokey Holley that has stuck with me. When kids meet their teachers they want to know, “Do you love me?” and “Are you a good teacher?” As parents we all want our children to be loved and cared for by their teachers. And, of course, we want them to learn. I have always felt the Groveland community has provided love, care and a strong education and I look forward to continuing this good work.

    In this most unpredictable time, communication is crucial for a successful academic year. Please be in touch with me and your teachers. Together we will make the best of this year. You’re always welcome to email me at

    Take good care,

    Sarah Lightner