Get Involved! - Volunteer at EXPO

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    • There are several opportunities to volunteer at EXPO Elementary School.  Please fill out the voluteer form below and send it the school office. 

      If you would like to work with students away from teacher supervision or ride the bus to attend a field trip, a criminal backgroud check needs to be done.  Please allow two week to have the check completed.  You are responsible for the $15 charge for the background check.  Please bring send your check/cash with the background check form completed to the school office. Checks should be made out to EXPO Council of Parents and Teachers.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the EXPO PTO at


      EXPO Volunteer Form 

      Volunteer Background Check Form









10 great reasons to volunteer in St. Paul Public Schools

    1. To experience the satisfaction of helping someone.
    2. To have an opportunity for personal growth.
    3. To develop new skills.
    4. To document experience for future job or academic references.
    5. To meet new people and make new friends.
    6. To learn about your community.
    7. To explore career options.
    8. To use time in a meaningful way.
    9. To remain active and productive in the community after retirement.
    10. To pursue a personal interest or hobby.

    Volunteers assist staff in their day-to-day endeavors to provide the best possible educational program for all students. A volunteer can be many things: an extra pair of hands, an extra measure of personal warmth, a valuable special resource for classroom enrichment or bridge between the school and the community. We cannot buy what a volunteer can give to our schools and programs!