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  • Meet your 2022-2023 Phalen PTO Board: 

    President - Lis Thao

    My name is Lis Thao.  My beautiful wife and I have 2 awesome children at Phalen Lake Hmong Studies and a 3rd (equally awesome) one will join in a few years. 
    Many of us come from less fortunate backgrounds where our parents weren't available to participate in the PTO so our parents never fully understood the benefits of it.  I hope to change that while I'm here by getting more parents active in the PTO so the parents can invest in their children's educational experiences.
    Our little family loves to travel and our favorite place is Hawaii!  So if my kids are absent, remember that Hawaii is 4 hours behind if you or your children (their classmates) are trying to contact us to ask about their absences.   ;p
    Thank you, 
    Lis Thao
    Hello, everyone.  My name is Shela Her.  As Lis stated, we have 2 children attending Phalen Lake Hmong Studies.  We are excited to be a part of the PTO again.  Covid made us take a 2 year break from in-person learning at Phalen Lake but we're back now.  We want to show parents that they don't always have to be behind the scenes when it comes to decision making at the school.  The PTO often has a direct impact on the students' field trips, carnivals, plant sales, and/or supplies for their classroom. Come join us at the monthly PTO meetings for a great experience!  If nothing else, you'll get dinner at our meetings. ;)
    Thank you, 
    Shela Her
    Lis & Shela

    Vice President - Eric Kounchaleun

    Secretary - Padmini Yang 

    We have two children at Phalen. During our free time with our children, we enjoy doing arts and crafts. We also enjoy spending time outdoors. We are excited to support the school through community engagement.

    Padmini & Eric

    Check Signer - Xang Her

    Check Signer - Zia Xiong