Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Email Title Phone
Baker Rachel Teacher-Math 651-744-5331
Barnes Jeremy Teacher-Music/Band 651-744-4398
Belle Carolyn Speech Pathologist 651-744-7965
Benson Randall Teacher-Math 651-744-5573
Berard Andrea Teacher-Spedial Education-Deaf Hard of Hearing 651-744-6286
Block Andrew Teacher-Social Studies 651-744-7704
Boe Nga Educational Assistant-Interpreter Karenni 651-744-5424
Bohland Mary Teaching Assistant 651-744-5714
Christensen Julie Teacher-English 651-744-5579
Christiansen Davia Occupational Therapist
Cruz Mary Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-3360
Day Jesse Teacher-Special Education Emotional Behavioral Disorders 651-744-5178
Debe Ellen Literacy Coach
Dickinson-Llaurado Andrea Counselor
Dill Jenna English/Reading 651-744-1866
Dowdal Mullen Science Teacher 651-744-1893
Dunlap Sonja Teacher-Science 651-744-5249
Dupay Cayenne Educational Assistant email
Eguia Blanca Educational Assistant-Interpreter Spanish 651-744-5690
Einab Zakaria Educational Assistant-1:1
Engelun Mary Teacher-Social Studies 651-744-1875
Esboldt Sam Assistant Athletic Director 651-744-5420
Farrell Jennifer Counselor 651-744-5567
Fernandez Alexis Counselor 651-744-6546
Fernandez Moises Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-4329
Field Lopez Carey Psychologist 651-744-4329
Fischbeck Carly Educational Assistant email
Funches Trina Intervention Specialist 744-1353
Garofalo James Teacher-Social Studies Social Studies
Gonsalez Ray Teacher-Physical Education/Health 651-744-5581
Gray Samantha Counselor Counseling Office
Gray Merry Teacher-Special Education 651-293-8600
Haefemeyer Carl Teacher-English 651-744-7471
Hanson Deb Teacher-Physical Education/Health 651-744-5585
Haugen Colleen Teacher-Social Studies 651-744-5584
Hewett-Olatunde Amy Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-5926
Hohlen Emma Teacher-English Language Learners 65-744-
Holter Heather Educational Assistant-Interpreter 651-744-5624
Hubin Daniel Educational Assistant-Deaf Hard of Hearing
Huhn Carolyn Speech Therapist 651-744-4156
Jawahir Chatindra Teacher-Special Education, Developmental Cognitive Disorders 651-744-5594
Kipka Peggy Teaching Assistant email
Lacher Karen Teacher-Social Studies 651-744-7491
Lafleur Cassandra Teacher-French 744-2332
Laugerman Rita Teacher-Math 651-744-4248
LaValle Candace Principals Secretary and Office Manager 651-325-2507
Lawrence Barb Teacher-Music Choir 651-744-5600
Liljedahl Daniel Librarian 651-744-2943
Littles-Bulter Valerie Principal
Loftus Brit Teacher-English 651-744-1716
Lor Andrew D. Teacher-Math 651-744-2151
Luna Carlos Teacher-Special Education 651-293-8600
Luna Mario Teacher-Special Education 651-293-8600
Meza Dulce Parent and Family Liaison 651-744-4740
Michaelson Christopher Teacher-Technology 651-744-5615
Milazzo Sarah Teacher-Art 651-744-5603
Miller Zach Clerk
Minnema Eleanor Teacher-English 651-744-5618
Moore Judith Attendance Intervention Specialist 651-744-5547
Mork Andrew Teacher-Art 651-293-8600
Mosser James Instructor-JROTC 651-744-5538
Moua Kao Nou Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-5018
Nader Rachel Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-2519
Norberg William Teacher-Science 651-744-5607
Novacheck Brad Teacher-Agriculture 651-744-6227
Nthole Andrea Teacher-Agriculture 651-744-7268
Omer Yara Teacher-Special Education, Deaf Hard of Hearing 651-744-5608
Omer Abida Teaching Assistant-Special Education
Ongstad Amanda Social Worker-Special Education 651-744-7893
Osborne Matt Athletic Director 651-744-5609
Palmquist Christine Special Education Coach 651-744-2049
Pflugh Sarah Educational Assistant-Interpreter, Deaf Hard of Hearing email
Prohaska Jodie Teacher-Science 651-744-5612
Pulley Kathryn Teacher - WINN email only
Quinn Kathryn Physical Therapist 612-548-4540
Radcliff Toni Teacher-English 651-744-7155
Reeve Claudia Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-5610
Rekonen Lauren Teacher-Social Studies 651-744-45611
Robbins Jonathan Teacher-Math 651-744-2877
Romero Reies Social Worker-Special Eduction and General Education 651-744-4530
Rosario Karla Teaching Assistant-Special Education
Roslik Angelina Educational Assistant-Interpreter Deaf Hard of Hearing
Saw Jeffry Educational Assistant-Interpreter Karen 651-744-5172
Scheuerlein Suzanne Teacher-Math 651-744-5568
Schuchman Peter Teacher-Science 651-744-
Schultz Rachel Social Worker-Special Education, Deaf Hard of Hearing 651-744-5754
Shearer Rick Instructor-JROTC 651-744-5539
Smith Jonathan iPad Coordinator, Teacher on Special Assignment 651-744-1461
Snyder Sue Educational Assistant-Interpreter DHH email
Sundance Shen Teacher-Special Education, Autism 651-744-4858
Szajner Janet Teacher-English 651-744-7256
Tauer Holly Teacher-Special Education 651-744-8309
Taw Eh Ta Educational Assistant-Karen Interpreter 651-744-1939
Thai Minh Academic Specialist 651-744-4948
Thuente Sarah Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-3538
Tolentino Judy Teaching Assistant
Tollefson Lena Health Assistant 651-744-3726
Vaudreuil Katie Social Worker 651-744-5555
Vukson Madeline Teacher-English 651-744-7896
Wages Alaina Teaching Assistant-Special Education email
Walerius Andrew Teacher-English 651-744-5759
Weathers Matthew Teaching Assistant
Webb Corrinne Teacher-Math 651-744-1796
Wilson Rachel Teacher-English 651-744-7228
Winters Bryale Teaching Assistant-Special Education
Xiong Koua Teacher-English Language Learners email
Yackley Rose Career Coordinator 651-744-5771
Yang Steve Teacher Physical Education/Health 651-744-3516
Zahner Michael Teacher-Special Education, Emotional Behavioral Disorders 651-744-7559
Zanitsch Tracy Project Coordinator 744-1309
Zebell Casey Teacher-Math 651-744-7600
Zernechel Noah Teacher-English Language Learners 651-744-1760
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