Hmong Club

  • The students created Hmong club to help teach and perserve Hmong Culture.  Students who are interested in joining Hmong club do not have to be Hmong.  It is open to anyone that is interested in learning more about the Hmong culture.  All students and staff are welcome. 

    In addition, Hmong Club students work together to help each other promote the importance of education.  They have student organize tutoring sessions for each other on school subjects and they also engage in fun activities.  Hmong Club is also well known for organizing Harding's Hmong New Year which is held in the month of November.    Please feel free to contact Mr. Pong Vang if you are interested in Hmong Club or have any questions.

Meeting Information

  • Day: Monday

    Place: Room 1131

    Time: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

    Advisor: Youa Lee