Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Geimer

Welcome to the world of third grade! It's another magical year of ZING-ZANG-ZOOM!  Where words haven't been officially defined by Webster or created to describe all of the learning adventures in Room 1523.

It's a place where learning can be quite silly or quite serious ... a place where laughter is often heard or the quietness of one's own thinking ... a place where one can predict the daily rhythm or where the unpredictable joy happens ... it's a special place at the end of the hall, a place called third grade.

A brief interview with Ms. Geimer:

Q: Is third grade the best grade to teach?
A: Yes! Third grade is the only grade to teach!

Q: Why is third grade the only grade to teach?
A: It's magical and full of unexplainable kid energy!

Q: What is unexplainable kid energy?
A: Kid energy that is unexplainable... kind of like a super-hero!

Q: Have you ever met a super-hero in real life?
A: I meet super-heroes every day in the classroom!

Q: What's it like to teach super-heroes each day?
A: It's a little ZING, a little ZANG and a lot of ZOOM!

A: It's third graders at their very best!