• Ms. Simmer's Q&A

    Third graders want to know . . .

    Mrs. SImmer

    Q: Why do you teach third grade?
    A: Third graders are positive, happy, kind, creative, and wonderful to hang out with all day long. 

    Q: Who's in your family?
    A: I live in Saint Paul with my husband John and our cat Miko. Both of our children attended St. Paul Public Schools and currently live nearby with friends in separate homes. 

    Q: What do you collect?
    A: I lived in Japan for about 4 years and love chopsticks, ramen bowls, tea cups, and Japanese recipes. Japan is an amazing place and I hope you can go there some day too! 

    Q: What is your favorite restaurant?
    A:I already mentioned my love of Japanese food, but I also love Thai food, Mexican food, French, Spanish, Italian and so much more! 

    Q: Why are you teaching at Capitol Hill?
    A:I am thrilled to be teaching in this exciting school where learning happens at many levels.

    Q: What did you study in college??
    A:In addition to my B.A. and Masters in Education, I have a B.A. in Communication Arts. I've worked as a reporter in California and as a writer for my own company.

    Email address: Elizabeth.Simmer@spps.org