Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Alex Ferderer Music
Alex Leadbetter Speech/Language Pathologist
Amy Coad School Psychologist
Andy Kunkel Special Education-Autism
Bridget Leba ELL
Caryl Mousseaux Librarian
Cheryl Giles Secretary
Clara Olson Math
Damon Liberatore Math
Dan Sullivan Social Studies
Dave Gundale Principal
Deanna Mazone Behavior Specialist
Derrick Le-Tran Special Education Teaching Assistant
Edric Lysne Special Education Teaching Assistant
Gracie Dwyer Special Education Teaching Assistant
Grant Boulanger Spanish
Jeff Steiner Special Education
Jim Patterson Nurse
Joe Brandner Physical Education/Health
Jolene Yang Counselor
Katie Craven Social Studies
Kevin Hansen English
Kristin Moeller Art
Lauren Clauson Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Leo Bickelhaupt English
Lori Taube Nutrition Services
Luke Turvold Social Studies
Mary Sellers Family Involvement/Counseling
Megan Hall Science
Michelle Romano Social Worker
Misha Hemingson Special Education
Nora Krings Reading
Patti Hosfield Math
Rebecca Palmer Science
Rebekah Rentzel Theater/Reading
Rhonda Mechels IT Tech
Sheri Gonsioroski Special Education
Tammy Plamon Special Education Teaching Assistant
Tien Dang Science
Tim Leone-Getten Spanish, Prog. Coor.
Tom Totushek Math/Science