Dr. Timothy Brown

  • Aniin,

     Given that we cannot interact physically these days, I am going to be using this space to communicate weekly to AIMS families.  I will share updates around DL 2.0, the school’s remodel progress, and anything else that is important that week.  This first message is not really an update as much as a pep talk…  I simply want to urge each of you to have patience; with your children, their teacher and yourself.  Have patience with your kids, they have been out of school and away from their friends and teachers for months and would much rather be in school these days.  Have patience with their teachers; they are trying their hardest each day to deliver online instruction but most are also trying to parent their own children at home every day too.  Have patience with yourself; these are crazy days and the stress can creep up on you so take it easy on yourself.  Let go of how things “should” be these days and cut yourself some slack for making the best of each day as it comes.  Call me or text me directly at 612-655-8490.

    Dr. Brown