Adrienne Anderson

  • Hello! My name is Adrienne Anderson and I have been teaching in St. Paul since 2001! I am a Family Consumer Science teacher here at Harding Senior High School. The subjects I teach are Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Child Development, and Indpendent Living. I live in Minneapolis with my husband, son and dog. Some of my hobbies include sewing, cooking and traveling. 

    I love my job and look forward to having a great year virtually! We will do our best to accomodate you during our time in distance learning. Sewing and Cooking are difficult subjects to teach in the traditional way, so for Sewing (formerly know as Clothing Tech) and Cooking (Culinary Arts) we will be making accomodations. Our hope is that you learn information about these subjects without requiring you to participate in labs. It will be in a option to cook and sew in some assignments if you choose to, and have the capabilities, but not required. We will be using a combinaiton of videos, presentations and other learning materials that will be a substitute for in person learning. One tool we will be using is a learning module called iCEV which is a fully customizable online learning site, complete with media-rich lessons and supporting coursework. Lessons within this site feature industry experts and cover important topics such as culinary arts, nutrition & food, child development, health, interior design and more. I hope that we will be able to see each other in the building very soon because I miss you all so much. Mask up and stay healthy until then. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. AA


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  • Class Schedule 2020-2021

    1st hour- PREP

    2nd hour- Fashion Deisgn

    3rd hour- Fashion Design

    4th hour- Fashion Design

    5th hour - Child Development

    6th hour- Child Development 

    7th hour- Child Development 



Clubs and Organizations

  • Fashion Club is postponed until further notice.