Steven Bartlett

  • Steven Bartlett

    My Family

    I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education and Learning Disabilities. I earned my Master's Degree from St. Mary's University. I started teaching at Harding High School in 1996-97.

    I am one of the Varsity softball coaches and I am also in charge of distributing lockers to the students at Harding.

    I am married and have two boys and 1 girl. Kye, is a sophomore in college and Kade is a 11th grader at Hudson High School in Wisconsin. My daughter Evie was adopted from China in 2019. She is now in the 2nd grade. 

    I love to play sports, watching tv, traveling and play video games. 



Contact Information


  • Period 1     Prep                                                          Room 1316

    Advisory                                                                     Room 1131

    Period 2     Co-taught Physical Science                          Room 1316

    Period 3    Co-taught Physical Science                           Room 1316

    Period 4     Co-taught Biology                                       Room 1316

    Period 5    Co-taught Biology                                        Room 1316

    Period 6    Co-taught Biology                                        Room 1316

    Period 7     PLC                                                           Room 1310

Clubs and Organizations

  • Varsity Softball