Brandon Brom

  • Brom I was born and raised here in Minnesota. I enjoy the outdoors and everything that our home has to offer. I am an athlete at heart and get into the game as often as possible, no matter what it is. I have a very large family and feel very blessed. I consider all of my students part of that familial community and I am grateful to be a teacher.

    My background is very diverse and a one page description wouldn't be enough. Throughout life's struggles I have learned, grown and become stronger. I try and instill those values in my students to open doors for them and provide real opportunity. It's my goal to help nurture and support our youth to become the best that they can and to achieve the goals that they choose. I measure my success through our students, they are the future.

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  • Period 1: English 12


    Period 2: Skills for College and Career Readiness

    Period 3: Skills for College and Career Readiness

    Period 4: English 9

    Period 5: Prep

    Period 6: PLC

    Period 7: Skills for College and Career Readiness