Jenny Goetz

  • Jenny Goetz Ms. Goetz has always enjoyed learning how things work.  She graduated from Carleton College where she majored in Physics, and had the opportunity to do research in solar physics, run the college seismograph and observe the universe.  

    As a teacher, Ms. Goetz is passionate about equity in physics and STEM, learning through modeling and incorporating reflective practices in the classroom.  She is a National Board Certified Teacher and a Knowles Senior Fellow

    In her spare time, Ms. Goetz likes to show people the night sky, sew and ballroom dance.  Ms. Goetz started teaching at Harding High School in 2013 and is excited to be teaching IB Physics, Physical Science and Astronomy!

Contact Information

  • Ms. Goetz


    Office hours:  Mondays & Wednesdays 3-4pm in 1328

    Telephone: (651)744-6968



  • IB Physics

    Physical Science


Clubs & Organizations

  • Astronomy Club:
    Thursdays  2:00 -3:30
    Room 1328

    Science Quiz Bowl:
    Fridays  2:00 -3:30
    Room 1328