Barry Greenwald

  • Barry Greenwald I was born in Chicago, and though on some level I still consider myself to be a Chicagoan (go Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Hawks, and my father's beloved team, the White Sox!), I have now lived in Minnesota much longer than I have lived anywhere else. There sure is a lot to like about Minnesota, you betcha!

    I have been working at Harding, with our wonderful students, since 1998. During that time, I have taught classes in Biology, IB Biology, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and even some 9th grade Physical Science early in my career. Prior to choosing a career in education, I did agricultural research at the University of Minnesota and sales/administration with a couple of private companies.

    In my work as a science teacher, I do my best to emphasize the process of science (sometimes referred to as the scientific method), the fact that science, by it's very nature, is always inquiring and skeptical, while at the same time is based on evidence. Science is not opinion-based or a place for "alternative facts"!

    Nowadays, most of my free time is devoted to my daughter (born in 2005), taking full advantage of any time when she still wants to hang out with her dad!

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