Elaine Harries

  • Hello! 

    I am pleased to be starting my third

    year at Harding as a Special Educator.Elaine Harries

    I have previously taught in both the Northfield and Lakeville school districts. I have over 20 years of experience in the field of education. I live on the east side of St Paul in an artist loft with my husband Vaughan (who is an amazing photographer), our chiweenie (chihuaua/dachshund) Izzy, and our hedgehog Scrumpy. (Yes I did say hedgehog!) We have successfully raised three children (Rhys 26, Ali 25, Kerry 23) to adulthood and now enjoy our time traveling and exploring our Lowertown neighborhood.

    As a Special Education teacher, I have a wide knowledge of content and look forward to adapting it to meet my students needs. I am a techie wannabe who has always loved school and hopes to instill that love in her students.

    My quoteable quote is: "Every day is a good day when you learn something new"- E.Harries

    I look forward to working with you and your student, please contact me via phone or email anytime.   GO KNIGHTS!


Contact Information

  • Elaine Harries

    Special Education

    Phone: 651-744-7897

    cell:     952-457-3846 (text message OK)

    Email: elaine.harries@spps.org



    1. Skills for Career and College Readiness Co-Taught w/ Brad Dahedl*
    2. English 10 Co-taught w/ Mark Fisher*
    3. PLC*
    4. PREP
    5. Chemistry Concepts
    6. Chemistry Concepts
    7. Skills for Career and College Readiness


    * Please note periods 1-3 I will be out of the building at Johnson High School. Email is the most efficient way to communicate during the school day. Phone calls will be returned after 2pm


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