Shannen Lach Kameya

  • Did you know that Harding is the only school in St. Paul that offers Japanese? We have a huge Japanese program at Harding with two great senseis and lots of club activities.

    About Kameya-sensei...

    I studied every language offered in high school. In college I majored in East Asian Studies and then moved to Japan to gain fluency. I loved it so much I stayed for almost 10 years. When I came home I went back to school to become a Japanese teacher, and here we are! I love travel, music, my crazy doggies, and gardening. 

    I believe learning a new language opens up a new way of thinking and understanding. Japanese is both an easy and a challenging language. Most importantly, it's FUN. Hope to see you soon!

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Kameya Sensei

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  • 2021-2022 School Year

    Quarter 1-2

    • Period 1: Japanese 1
    • Period 3: Japanese 456
    • Period 5: Japanese 1
    • Period 6: Japanese 2
    • Period 7: Japanese 2

    Quarter 3-4

    • Period 1: Japanese 1
    • Period 3: Japanese 2
    • Period 4: Japanese 2
    • Period 5: Japanese 1
    • Period 7: Japanese 456

Clubs and Oganizations

    • Japanese Club
    • Japanese National Honor Society
    • J-Quiz
    • Japanese Exploration Club