Dana McKenna

  • Dana McKenna Hello! I teach Essential Math, Geometry, and Skills for College and Career Readiness (AVID strategies) at Harding.

    I am an Innocent Classroom trained teacher, so I focus on the strengths and giftedness of students.  My goal is to change the racial predictability and disproportionality of student acheivement by challenging students with engaging activities and curriculum. 

    I enjoy working with the Geometry professional learning community at Harding.  Through that work I positively impact the success of special education students in general education classes.

    Students may also see me teaching math during ALC summer session.   I recently completed Hamline University’s Administrative Licensure program.  

    My home is east of Hudson, Wisconsin where I live with my husband (a Harding graduate). We have three children, a lab named Max, and a cat named Jazzie.  I love the outdoors, golfing, and reading. 

    Parents and students may contact me by E-mail, phone, or in person. I'm here to help! 

Contact Information

  • Dana McKenna, M.S.Ed

    Special Education Teacher EBD/LD

    Phone: 651-744-3128

    Email: dana.mckenna@spps.org

Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Skills for College & Career Readiness

    Period 2: Skills for College & Career Readiness

    Period 3: Essential Math 5 (Geometry)

    Period 4: Co- taught Geometry

    Period 5: Prep Period/Lunch Supervisor

    Period 6: Geometry PLC

    Period 7: Co- taught Geometry

Clubs and Activities

  • Advisor: Future Educators of America Club

    Thursdays 2:15-3:00PM Rm. 1422