Andrew J. Pastor

  • Andrew J. Pastor I am Andrew J. Pastor. I have been teaching at Harding for 10 years. Prior to being a Harding Knight, I taught at Arlington (now Washington) for one year and in Saint Louis, MO in an NJROTC school for two years. After graduating High School from Duluth East, I attended the University of Minnesota and later Webster University in Saint Louis. At these schools I earned my degrees in Journalism and English Literature and a Master of Arts in Teaching.

    I’ve enjoyed working at Harding, where I currently teach English 11 and 12EL and IB12 Literature and coach Cross Country. Go Knights!

    Let's get ready for 2020-21 Distance Learning!

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  • Andrew Pastor


    2020-21 Distance Learning

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  • Per. 1 (1-2) – English 12 EL, IB Language B

    Advisory 10

    Per. 2 (3-4) – English 12 EL, IB Language B

    Per. 3 (5-6) - Prep

    Per. 4 (7-8) – English 11

    Lunch B

    Per. 5 (10-11) – English 12 EL, Language B

    Per. 6 (12-13) – Literature 11 IB