Thomas Stinson, LSN
  • I stayed right in the neighborhood and graduated from Johnson Senior High School. I went to Bethel for nursing followed by Saint Mary's to earn my Masters and Doctorate in Education. I have been the school nurse at Harding Senior High since 2009 and I plan to stay here as long as I can.

    Harding High School Nurse's Office

    Harding High School provides nursing services to students to enhance educational achievement by the modification or removal of health-related barriers to learning. Additionally, the nurse's office assists students to be self-sufficient in managing their healthcare within age appropriate expectations, thereby preparing all students for life.

    Health Start School-based Clinic

    Health Start Clinic is available to all St. Paul high school students, whether they have medical insurance or not.

    Health Start staff includes: Nurse practitioners, Social workers, Nutritionists, Health educators, Medical Assistants

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