Allison Zaccardi

  • Allison Zaccardi Hello, welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS).  I graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with an undergraduate degree in Family Social Sciences and a Masters in Family Education.  I love teaching Family and Consumer Science because I believe that the skills learned in these classes help to make life run more smoothly.  

    The skills learned in Culinary Arts, Independent Living, and Child Development help us to cook and eat healthy, understand our money and how families function and how children develop, behave and grow. The information learned in these classes can be applied immediately in our everyday lives and make an impact on our families and community. Stop in anytime to learn more.

    In addition to teaching, my husband and I have two great kids, we love to be outside playing, gardening, walking the dogs and playing sports.  We also enjoy traveling and going to new restaurants.


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  • Culinary Arts 1 & 2

    Independent Living

    Teen Issues

    Child Development


  • Cooking Club