Anne Zielske

  • Hello! I've been teaching since 1991, in Chicago, South St. Paul and Columbia Heights. Now, I've been at Harding since 2015, and I love it here.  I live in St. Paul and raised my three kids here. I love our city and want to do what I can to make it a place where all who call St. Paul home can thrive and reach their goals!


    Spirit Dress Up Day

    Outside of school, my time is spent with my family, singing in the National Lutheran Choir, being active in my church, and for my health I try to keep up with jogging and yoga. In the summer I volunteer, garden, read, and travel. Our family loves taking road trips to National Parks - we've been to about 30 of them so far.

    I like the hands-on nature of teaching science, using music in my teaching (check out this music video our chem team made), and helping each student wherever they are in their journey. I think a good teacher is part professor, part camp counselor, and part mom (or dad :)


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  • General Chemistry

    EL Co-taught Chemistry 

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